Sunday, 7 October 2012

Our Budget car needs a Budget Clean

Well, one of the perks of marriage is that sometimes the 'not nice' parts of your life come into focus.  My car is actually not too bad for a '96, but Sarah is absolutely right, it's a complete mess.  Now that it's also her car it's time for a VERY deep clean.  The cheap hoover that came with our rental house wasn't up for the task so we bit the bullet and went to a petrol station for their industrial powered one.  However we decided we didn't want to fork out the 3-5 quid for the standard car wash which doesn't always do a good job anyway.  So, the plan became to wash it at home.

Our question was, do you need to go out and by specific car wash soap, or can you make your own cheaper? Seems like half the sites say yes you can make your own but the other half say don't if you wax your car as it'll take the wax off.  Well, we're going to take the risk and do our own.  For the recipe we're using follow this link:

My car's not too fancy, but honestly do this at your own risk! ;)

(side tip- we went to one station first to try their hoover, and it didn't work, worse than the one at home, so we complained -something we're learning we have to do- and they gave us our pound back. Can't waste even one! it's your money so fight for it!)

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