Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Love, fancy a milkshake at Mickey D's?

So, it's the end of a long week, all you want to do is take the woman you love out for a meal and relax....sadly the bank balance won't really allow that.  What to do?

Well, this isn't a proper budget option, as you need to spend about a fiver each, but it's the principal.  Some people are very happy with the pound saver menu at Mcdonalds, or a friday night out to the sandwich bar at Spar.  Is it wrong we just wanted to go somewhere nice and sit back, and feel as if we weren't living on a budget for once? Our solution, have a meal made from left overs at home (romantic candles optional), afterwards gaze in each others eyes for a little, and when the timings right, wander down to the local fancy restaurant and each have dessert, or splurge and have a dessert and filter coffee!

We went to our local fancier restaurant "Upstairs at Cutters", and each had a lovely dessert and some decaf coffee (not going too crazy) for little over a tener.  Now, it's important when you're reserving your table to mention that you're just having dessert.  In earlier days I have been asked to leave a restaurant because it was their busy dinner hour and all we wanted to do was split a £5 item, an embarrassing situation you'd rather avoid.  But Cutters was surprisingly empty on this friday and was more than happy to accommodate.  We stayed about an hour and a half, and had a great time, and then wandered back home.  Felt great!  For an even cheaper option- do the coffee and mini-dessert option for just under £4 each.  (A lot of restaurants have this, for instance our Belfast on a Budget favourite, "Little Wing.")

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